On October 5, 2002, Mr. Martinez was one of five people in Colorado honored by the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for Leadership, Professionalism, Pride and Unity as a first in his field a pioneer of Fort Collins and the State of Colorado.
One of the difficulties in reaching solutions is when we get into debate versus dialogue. Debate looks for differences, while dialogue looks for solutions. My earnest promise is to look for solutions. Often times we are caught up with not wanting change, but yet we want progress. I believe that in order to progress there has to be change, and we should embrace building our future with tearing down the walls and barriers and build on people.
Ray Martinez

About Ray Martinez

Elected to represent District 2 in April 2015, Ray Martinez is dedicated to the Fort Collins, Colorado community in which he grew up and has over 30 years’ experience in public service. He served three years in the United States Army in Thailand and stateside duty — also earning the Army Commendation Medal. Ray began his career in the Fort Collins’ Police department in 1974. During his tenure, he worked closely with Hispanic community leaders, youth and athletes to improve the relationships between the community and the Police.  Mr. Martinez was the lead investigator in an international terrorist investigation involving the attempted assassination of a Libyan student. The magnitude of this criminal episode is the subject of two published books: “Death Merchant” by Joseph Goulden and “Man Hunt” by Peter Maas. Historically, Mr. Martinez was the first Hispanic Sergeant in Fort Collins police service (appointed 1982 by Police Chief Ralph Smith) and retired from Police service in 1996 after twenty-five years of law enforcement service. In 1999, Ray was elected as Mayor of Fort Collins and continued for three terms, through 2005.

Public safety is one of the primary concerns of Mr. Martinez. He was dedicated to it as a police officer; it was the subject of his first book; and, as Mayor he served on two public safety boards. The United States Conference of Mayors appointed Mayor Ray Martinez as Co-Chair of the Mayors and Police Chiefs Committee for the year 2002. He also presided over the National League of Cities Steering Committee for Public Safety and Crime Prevention. Mayor Martinez was elected to the Advisory Board of the United States Conference of Mayors in June 2003.  Ray was elected for three terms as mayor and he was the first Hispanic mayor in the history of Fort Collins to be elected by the people.
In 1997, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, Ray Martinez was a nominee for the Conrad L. Ball Award and was recognized for “Outstanding Contribution to the Quality of Justice” presented by the Larimer County Community Corrections Board.

On October 5, 2002, Mr. Martinez was one of five people in Colorado honored by the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for Leadership, Professionalism, Pride and Unity as a first in his field; a pioneer of Fort Collins and the State of Colorado.

Mr. Martinez is an active member of several local and state boards. With a particular focus in serving our young adults, he co-founded an organization known as Neighborhoods United. Volunteers work directly with at risk youth to provide them with positive educational and recreational experiences along with activities that will unite these young people with their neighborhoods and the community.

Ray’s current work as a board director for Project Smile, and his involvement with Larimer County Crime Stoppers, Elevations Credit Union, Board of Trustees for Colorado Mesa University, Salvation Army Board President, and the South Fort Collins Business Association, are business associations that keep him in constant communication and building relationships with the community.


Some hi-lights of Ray’s accomplishments during his 3-terms as Mayor and currently on Council:

  • The Inspirational play ground; a joint community effort when Ray empaneled a blue ribbon committee that was accomplished successfully through 100% donations.
  • Renovation of the Northern Hotel for low income senior living partnership with Funding Partners for Housing Solutions, the Colorado Division of Housing, Colorado State Historical Society, and National Park Services.
  • Through the internal budget, funds were identified to build a Mobile Emergency Command Post for PFA and FCPD; the first of its kind for the City of Fort Collins.
  • The building of the new Police Department; a broken promise from 1974, without asking for a new tax.
  • Poudre Fire Authority Board of Directors
  • After meeting with student council boards from all high schools, including charter schools, we identified the need for the Youth Activity Center (YAC) in the central part of Fort Collins (Foothills Mall area). Since, the old YAC was demolished for redevelopment of the Mall site. However, a new and better youth facility is being developed and ready for occupancy by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

  • Approval of a new Campus West Police Substation for 2017

  • Approved design plans for a new Police Training facility, i.e. firing range, driving track, and training rooms; a shared cost with Loveland Police.

  • Helped council craft and approve the enhanced smoking ordinance that we all value today for the health and quality of life of our community.
  • Supported and passed the LED traffic lights investment $300k, saving $100k yearly on energy costs.
  • Synchronization of traffic signal lights, an $8m investment.
  • City of Character: PSD, CSU, Larimer County Commissioners, and Council signed resolutions as a commitment to leadership through good character.
  • The PSD committee and CSU Liaison board for joint meetings / to build a city of people instead of walls and barriers…the bricks and mortars will come later.
  • Gained regional cooperation of local governments to adopt the necessary I-25 corridor plan.
  • Implementing the Earned Income Tax credit rebate program that helped low income individuals qualify for tax rebates previously unknown to many of them. This helped more people cope in economic tough times and simultaneously stimulated our local economy.
  • Identifying a true “truck route” instead of the initial move to pave it through the historic Alta Vista and Andersonville neighborhoods that would have demolished homes of families that resided there for several generations.
  • Hosting monthly “Stop and Chat” meetings with the community in the new Foothills Mall

  • Creation of a new Hispanic Leadership/Pioneers film promoting success for our youth

My continued community work after leaving office

  • Advisory Board President of the Salvation Army
  • Executive Board member for Project Smile with the Schools
  • On the Board of Trustees Mesa University appointed by Governor Hickenlooper (500 students from FC)
  • Former Board of Directors for the South Ft Collins Business Association

  • Poudre High School Funding Board member
  • Former Board of Directors President for Global Village Acadamy charter school

  • Family Center/La Familia of Fort Collins Board of Directors (2009)

  • Board of Directors member of Larimer County Crime Stoppers
  • National League of Cities committee on Public Safety and Crime Prevention (2016-current)