I’m supporting Ray Martinez for City Council in the upcoming April 7 municipal election.  I have known Ray for many years and worked with him on City Council for 6 years while he served as Mayor. Ray is fair-minded and holds himself to standards of the highest integrity and principles.  He will work tirelessly for you on the issues facing our great City. Ray cares deeply for all of our citizens regardless of race, gender, age or economic standing.  Please join me in voting for Ray Martinez.

Mayor Karen Weitkunut

Please vote for Ray Martinez for the District 2 seat on City Council.  I have served with Ray for nearly 10 years on The Salvation Army Advisory Board.  I can tell you unequivocally, from many years of personal experience working with him, that there is no finer individual than Ray Martinez.  I have always known him to treat men and women alike with the utmost courtesy.  He very clearly demonstrates a strong core code of personal ethics and integrity.  He shows up, he does his homework and thoughtfully engages in whatever task is at hand.  I hold him in the highest esteem and regard him as an honest and honorable person.  I encourage everyone in District 2 to vote for Ray Martinez.

 Maxine Duvall

Ray Martinez would be a welcome addition to the Fort Collins City Council representing District 2. It is said there are “show horses” and there are “work horses,” and Ray is a real worker, having demonstrated time and again that he is someone on whom we can count. After serving three terms as mayor, the learning curve to serve on City Council will be negligible. He will be able to work for his district immediately. Ray is a strong leader who will champion the rights of those who have no voice, most especial children. He will stand up for those unable to stand up for themselves, and, will help to shape the character and dignity of our future leaders. I have spent my entire career as a teacher within the Poudre School District and I value Ray’s incalculable contributions to the youth of Fort Collins. You have an opportunity to elect a proven “work horse” to City Council. Please vote for Ray Martinez.

Abbie Dale Schnorr lives in Fort Collins.

Please vote for Ray Martinez for city council in District 2.  Ray will bring balanced and reasonable governance to city council.  He has proven during his three terms as Mayor of Fort Collins that he can work productively across both sides of the isle.  We need his kind of cooperative, proactive, results oriented leadership.  As a teacher, I value his standard of honesty and integrity which is exemplary to the youth of our great city.  Ray has demonstrated by both word and deed throughout his three decades of public service within Fort Collins that he is committed to our community.  He deserves your vote.

Sharon Stelzner

Ray Martinez is seeking election to represent my neighborhood, District 2, in City Council. The more I learn about him, the more impressed I am with his outstanding contributions to the Fort Collins community. He has provided legendary service to Fort Collins for more than three decades. He served three terms as mayor, 25 years as a Fort Collins police officer and provided leadership for numerous community organizations. He said: “I believe there has to be a balance between our economy, environment and quality of life.” He further says, “This election is about growth as a community, not growth of the community.” I believe him.

In talking with Ray, he conveys a genuine sense of interest, sincerity and caring. These traits combined with his track record as a consistently competent leader convince me that he will be the best person to represent my district. I invite my neighbors to join me in voting for Ray Martinez as our council representative.

Diana Collins lives in Fort Collins

As a more-than-30-year resident of Fort Collins and retired Poudre School District elementary teacher, I support Ray Martinez for City Council. While teaching at O’Dea elementary school I had the pleasure to meet Ray when he was mayor of Fort Collins and engaged in the program “Character First.” Ray championed this wonderful program, aimed at instilling the values of honesty, integrity and trust in the daily lives of our school children. We had an all-school assembly and Ray spoke to our students about the importance of character qualities, and he truly engaged with the children as he answered every question asked of him.

I was impressed with how deeply committed he was to the concept of promoting character values to our young students, and that character qualities translated directly to the character of the larger Fort Collins community. Ray’s commitment to see Fort Collins as a City of Character is as important today as it was when I first met Ray at O’Dea 13 years ago.

We are fortunate Ray Martinez is willing to, once again, offer to serve our community as a member of the Fort Collins City Council. We know the leadership and dedication Ray brings to city government and a vote for Ray Martinez is our commitment to the future of our community.

Margie Butts lives in Fort Collins.
Retired Poudre School District Teacher

“Every once in awhile, if a community is fortunate, there is one person who will raise his hand and step up as a needed leader.  Ray Martinez is that person in Ft. Collins. We want an individual with the character, integrity, and broad experience — locally and nationally — that he has with over thirty years serving this community in important roles.  Whether he’s meeting with vets, business people, students on campus, or in Washington as an appointee from the U.S. Secretary of Defense, he brings a unique wisdom, care, and concern for all the constituents.  If you want a voice on city council, vote for Ray Martinez. He’ll listen. He’ll act.  He’ll bring about welcome change without swagger or bluster.”

Debra Benton
New York Times bestselling author, international leadership consultant, and president of Benton Management Resources, Inc.

I’m pleased to endorse former Mayor Ray Martinez for Fort Collins City Council.  Ray has always been a great collaborator and the Mayor Emeritus of Northern Colorado.  As Loveland and Fort Collins find new ways to work together, particularly with our Open Spaces,  he has the experience and skills to forge those relationships so that we do better together.

 Hugh McKean
Loveland City Council
Ward III

“As a Friend, colleague and mentor of his for more than fifty years, I know Ray as a caring man who will really make a difference at City Hall.  He has my support!”

Gil Carbajal, PhD.,
Poudre Schools Administration (retired)

“I am adding my support for Ray Martinez for City Council for his district. Being a former mayor, Ray is most experienced with the workings of city government. A dear friend of mine has often quoted “Ray was probably our Best Mayor we ever had”

 “I agree with the work of Ray as Mayor and this will carry over as a Council Member. Ray looks at what is best for our city, he has often crossed the aisle with his vote to make the best decision for the city. Ray is balanced, genuine, sincere and a great listener. Please join me in supporting Ray Martinez for City Council.”

Jerry Gavaldon
Former Planning & Zoning Board member

Ray Martinez has been an influential and valuable asset to our community for numerous years.  His experienced leadership and ability to get things done in Fort Collins is unsurpassed.  Ray has been a part of every aspect of this community and can help it to continue to grow together.  His balanced approach to this beautiful and unique community is what we need right now in the City of Fort Collins.  There is no question that Ray Martinez is the only person to protect the City and it’s future.  Help Ray.  Tell everyone you know about Ray.  Most importantly, vote for Ray Martinez for Fort Collins City Council.

Aisilinn Kottwitz
Former Fort Collins City Councilmember

District 3

“As leaders from across Northern Colorado continue to work together on vital issues surrounding transportation, utilities and public safety, Ray’s background and lifelong commitment to our area will serve as an invaluable voice. The experience of Ray Martinez in regional projects as well as his knowledge of City programs will be a huge benefit to the residents of Fort Collins. Having worked with Ray on a number of important issues I have come to rely on his judgment and wisdom and look forward to working with him once again. I could not lend my support to a more qualified candidate for Fort Collins City Council. Fort Collins and Northern Colorado will once again benefit from Ray’s service once elected this April.”

Troy Krenning
City Council, Loveland

Ray Martinez has spent a life time in public service, not for personal gain, but to assist others. As a police officer, he learned that the key to defusing a tense situation or dealing with complex issues is to remain calm in the face of adversity while collecting all relevant information from diverse sources, then acting upon those facts and not personal preference. He put those traits to good use as mayor. Humble, caring, all-inclusive, experienced leadership. Isn’t that what we all seek in our elected officials? Elect Ray Martinez for City Council!

Bill Kennedy
Fort Collins
Retired Air Force Military Commander

Ray Martinez is a person of integrity who is committed to making Fort Collins a better place to live. He is a man of principle who stands up for what he believes and for what he believes is best for our community. He is a leader, and a person who would help make Fort Collins a safer, most prosperous community.

Ron Maulsby
Retired PSD Principal

As a former nanny, a new mother, and now a professional business woman, I believe that as the past Mayor of Fort Collins, Ray Martinez has the experience that the City of Fort Collins needs on City Council. Ray understands Fort Collins and what it takes to get things done. I believe in a balanced approach in listening to those in the community and I believe Ray truly listens to all viewpoints and strives to be fair and balanced when working on community issues. One only has to look at Ray’s history to know that he is not willing to just talk, but he one who is willing to act. Ray is a known commodity in the community and we need his experience and representation on the Fort Collins city council.

Jill Pino
A mom, and a professional business woman

The learning curve for a city council member is very steep, and there is no substitution for experience.  If elected, Ray will bring six years of proven leadership and twenty-five years of public safety to district 2.  Ray is a life long member of our community.

Gino Campana
City Councilman, Dist. 3

Ray Martinez certainly is qualified and experienced to represent district 2 on City Council. He knows that an effective representative must be willing to listen to the people and help foster a sense of community with civility. He brings six years of proven leadership and invaluable institutional knowledge. Ray Martinez is the right person to work with all the citizens of our community on the tough issues of affordability, transportation, and a sustainable economy.

Doug Hutchinson, Former Mayor of Fort Collins

All the best wishes Mr. Martinez! Years ago (2000) while attending Poudre High School you gave this aspiring reporter a sit down interview. You didn’t have to, but you did. It meant the world to me and thank you for taking it seriously. It was the beginning of my career! All the best wishes on your pursuit to mayor once more.

Sarah Tate, Public Affairs Specialist at 7th Army JMTC / Germany

I have known Ray for many years. He is an enthusiastic and involved member of our community who can get things done. Ray will be a strong advocate for District 2. He desires to see our City Council build a sense of community. He will promote growth AS a community and not growth of the community.

Bob Schaffer, former U.S. Congressman

I have had the opportunity to work with former Mayor Ray Martinez for over 25 years in our community.  His dedication, total commitment, passion, vision, and leadership in serving the entire Ft. Collins community has been outstanding. Ray’s decision to run for City Council District 2, and your vote to elect him to that position will allow our community to benefit from Ray’s vision and leadership that resulted in successful programs that significantly and positively impacted and improved Ft. Collins. Programs like the Character City Initiative; Character Fort Collins; Inspiration Playground; Youth Activity Center; and Neighborhoods United are just a few examples of Ray’s ability to pull the entire community together and demonstrate the leadership required to “make things happen.”  Ft. Collins will greatly benefit from Ray’s innovative thinking and creativity.

I strongly encourage you to vote for Ray Martinez. 

Mike Demma, Community Leader

We are privileged to have Ray Martinez as a candidate for City Council representing District 2.  I have had the distinct honor of working with Ray for many years in my position as Social Services Director with The Salvation Army in Fort Collins.  During that time, Ray served and continues to serve as President of the advisory board.  Now, I have the further honor of working with Ray in my position as Family Development Coordinator at The Family Center/La Familia, where Ray has served on the board and is currently an honorary board member.  Ray Martinez has a deep commitment to Fort Collins families and especially our youth.  He is a co-founder of Neighborhoods United, which partners volunteers with at risk youth, creating positive educational and recreational experiences.  Ray is a very strong, bright leader who listens and genuinely cares about our quality of family life in our community.  A vote for Ray is a vote for Fort Collins.

 Olga Duvall, Volunteer Coordinator for nonprofit organizations

Ray Martinez is seeking election to represent my neighborhood, District 2, in City Council.  The more I learn about him, the more impressed I am with his outstanding contributions to the Fort Collins Community.  He has provided legendary service to Fort Collins for over three decades.  He served three terms as Mayor, 25 years as a Fort Collins Police Officer and provided leadership for numerous community organizations.  He states: “I believe there has to be a balance between our economy, environment, and quality of life.”  He further states that, “This election is about growth as a community, not growth of the community.”  I believe him.  In talking with Ray, he conveys a genuine sense of interest, sincerity and caring.  These traits combined with his track record as a consistently competent leader convince me that he will be the best person to represent my district.  I invite my neighbors to join me in voting for Ray Martinez as our Council member.

Diana Collins, District-2 resident

As a community, Fort Collins has largely put the economic consequences of the “Great Recession” behind us and an optimistic attitude is apparent across our city. But let’s be realistic, many challenges remain and we will need effective leadership to address the issues ranging from homeless housing to Poudre River corridor development. I believe that Ray Martinez is the leader the voters of Fort Collins District 2 should elect to tackle these challenges.

 I have known Ray Martinez since the early 1970’s and through the years he has always impressed me with his dedication and commitment to the Fort Collins community.  We first met when he was a police officer and I was the resident manager of the College Inn. There were occasions where Officer Martinez handled himself with the utmost courtesy and good humor in dealing with our college residents— lessons that exemplified restraint in contentious situations. Later as Mayor of Fort Collins, Ray was an ardent supporter of revitalizing the cooperative leadership the City government had enjoyed for decades. I particularly appreciate the balanced and enlightened leadership Ray has provided in the formulation of Fort Collins land use policy and development regulation.

 We need Ray’s seasoned and responsible leadership and I strongly encourage Fort Collins District 2 residents to vote for Ray Martinez and give our City a true leader.

 Ron Young, long time resident/business leader

As a friend, supporter and longtime associate, I believe Ray Martinez is uniquely qualified to represent the citizens of Fort Collins in District 2. Having served as the elected district attorney for the Eighth Judicial District from 1973 to 2005, I have known Ray through many local, state and national public safety and law enforcement initiatives. As a longtime police officer, Ray worked with me supporting programs that help deter crime, assist youth and make our community a better place to live. We currently serve together on the board of Larimer County Crime Stoppers.

His early efforts to build relationships between at risk youth, the Hispanic community and Fort Collins Police Services were instrumental in preparing Ray for his subsequent national leadership positions with the United Conference of Mayors. Public safety is a cornerstone responsibility at all levels of government. Ray will bring exceptional public safety experience and leadership to City Council.

Beyond Ray’s stellar record of public service, I most appreciate his quiet resolve to make a difference in the lives of the citizens of our community. Residents of District 2 can be sure that their interests will be clearly and strongly articulated, and that their expectations for fair, responsive and financially prudent city government will be realized. Voting for Ray Martinez is the way voters can ensure Fort Collins continues as one of Colorado’s finest communities.

Stu VanMeveren
Former District Attorney / 8th Judicial District