Thank you for your interest in the FortZED initiative. FortZED was established in 2007 and had multiple projects and outcomes over its ten year tenure. To answer your questions, we’ve highlighted the following areas below:

RDSI/DOE Study. The $11M Renewable Distributed Systems Integration (RDSI) cooperative study with the Department of Energy (DOE) brought together nine partners to demonstrate different renewable and distributed energy sources and technologies to achieve up to a 30% reduction of peak energy use during the summer months of 2011.

  • This project helped Fort Collins Utilities, the technology and site partners, better understand and design systems to manage increased adoption and use of renewable technologies on the electric system. This information was reported to the Fort Collins community during the project period and also included extensive reporting through the DOE;

Overall Lessons Learned and Opportunities. Lessons learned and opportunities created through the FortZED relationships and projects included:

  • Increased understanding and knowledge among the partners (academic, public, private entities) of the key challenges, barriers and opportunities with increased renewable energy goals and strategies;
  • Opportunities to test and pilot new technologies that have assisted the transition to increased renewable energy adoption and use;
  • Sharing of the results through presentations and visits of the RDSI and other project outcomes with representatives from over 30 countries;
  • Support for Fort Collins participation in the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition and Lose-A-Watt campaign, which resulted in increased energy efficiency practices and reduced energy use in residential, municipal and K-12 sectors. We have not yet received the final results from Georgetown for this competition but hope to receive word by the end of September.

Citizen engagement. Fort Collins citizens have been involved in varying degrees through the FortZED Community Energy Challenge (volunteer-led initiative in 2011) and the Lose-A-Watt campaign. Additionally, FortZED has had an active website, visited by over 45,000 individuals from 100 + countries, which has provided information, resources and opportunities to be involved in its efforts since 2007.

Why FortZED dissolved. The FortZED partners (Colorado State University, Colorado Clean Energy Cluster and City of Fort Collins) chose to dissolve the partnership because the need for developing the relationships, the need for formative dialogues about the transition to renewable energy and other project opportunities in this setting has waned over time. With the adoption of the 2015 Climate Action Plan and CSU’s 100% Renewable Energy Goal, the work and innovation FortZED initially focused on accomplishing is happening in other organizations and sectors. By dissolving the partnership and no longer meeting formally the dedicated professionals who chaired the FortZED Steering Committee will now be able to dedicate more time and energy by focusing on achieving the Climate Action Plan goals moving forward.

To learn more about FortZED, the partners and projects, please visit The City will be transitioning this website content at the end of 2017 to be included on the City’s website.