Leaving office for now on April 2, 2019

It's with great thought and reluctance, but I have decided not to run for election on City Council.  It's time to let 4 other candidates who want this seat bid for it with choices that people can vote on.  I am committed to the love of our City without a doubt.  I also am changing [...]

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Proud to be a Veteran along with my Dad

I still have my Dad's flag that was presented to me upon his passing away. It’s a reminder of his heroic act when his ship was torpedoed in New Guinea. They survived. They jumped ship. They were rescued. And they continued the fight. Makes me tearful. They had to keep up the good fight for [...]

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City receives Platinum Award–Utilities

Congrats! City of Ft Collins receives Platinum Award for Utility Excellence from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies. Thanks to Kevin Gertig, Exec Dir., and team!  2018 Recognizing the exceptional performance of water agencies where management vision and employee commitment create a sustainable utility producing ample supples of clean, safe drinking water.  The association of [...]

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Legislative Review Committee Priorities

Regarding the Legislative Policy Agenda and Priorities. The Legislative Review Committee (LRC) recently decided to remove oil and gas issues from the priorities document, but did not make policy changes in terms of the City’s stances on those issues. The policy agenda, which directly informs the City’s positions on introduced legislation, has the following recommended statements [...]

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